Ammonia NH3 17i

Producer: THERMO SCIENTIFIC show products

Monitor for measuring Ammonia by means of technology for measuring the light emitted by the reaction of NO with Ozone, ideal for measuring air quality and use in environmental monitoring stations:

  • Ammonia Monitor by the principle of light measurement emitted by the reaction of NO with Ozone
  • Configurable measuring range 0-20 ppm / 0-30 mg / m3
  • Limit of detection of 1 ppb and zero drift <1 ppb
  • Response time of 120 seconds
  • Internal pump with volumetric flow 0.6 LPM
  • Selectable voltage outputs, RS 232 / RS 485 port, TCP / IP output, 10 status relays and fault indicator, 4-20 mA output (Optional)
  • 16 digital inputs and 8 analog inputs 0-10 VDC (Optional)
  • Different operating modes that allow measurement of Ammonia and Nitrogen Oxides simultaneously
  • Operating temperature 15-35 ° C
  • Operation with 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz current


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