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Thermal imager with infrared technology for identity abnormal temperatures in a fast and easy way without contact. Use as a screening device for identify possible cases of people infected with COVID19 virus:

  • Professional handheld thermal imager by use of infrared technology for body temperature measurement without contact
  • Temperature range from 30°C to 45°C with 0.1 °C resolution
  • Precision of +/- 0.5 °C
  • Distance from camera to source up to 1 meter
  • High and low temperature alarm with configurable set point and high intensity LED visual alarm
  • TFT high resolution LCD screen with thermal resolution 19200 (160 x 120)
  • USB type C communication interface for PC communication with data management software and live thermal image mode
  • Different view modes including normal camera, thermal image and combined image
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery of 5000 mAH for up to 6 hours operation
  • Manual datalogger by use of 16 GB microSD card


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