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Monitor for fitting tests on half-face, full-face and disposable respirators. By means of a particle counter, an adjustment factor is determined as the difference in the concentration of particles in the environment with respect to the interior of the respirator. This equipment allows to quantify how good is the seal of a respirator in the morphology of a person ensuring their real protection when they are using it in their regular operation:

  • Monitor for fitting tests for half-face and full-face respirators using a condensation-based particle counter principle using high purity isopropyl alcohol
  • Use with half-face, full-face respirators, NIOSH Series 100, NIOSH Series 99 and disposable respirators NIOSH Series 95 (N95)
  • Measurement under OSHA protocol 29 CRF1910, also available CSA, HSE and ANSI protocols
  • Adjustment Factor range from 1 to 10,000
  • Accuracy +/- 10% of the Adjustment Factor
  • Internal pump with volumetric flow of 350 cm3 / min
  • Easy operation color touch screen
  • Temperature range from 0-38 ° C
  • Rechargeable isopropyl alcohol cartridge for 6 continuous hours of operation
  • USB port to download and load databases to the instrument
  • Type B USB connection with FitPro software for data download, database generation, online adjustment tests, instrument configuration and report generation
  • 1Ghz processor and 500 MB internal memory
  • Operation by AC current


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