Fixed systems for gas detection

The fixed systems for gas detection in the industry in general are systems that are basically composed of a set of elements that allows the detection and sending of a specific gas signal. These systems have 2 fundamental parts: the sensor which detects the gas and the transmitter which interprets the signal and allows it to be carried to other devices to control a process or to have information on the value of the variable that is being measured. These systems can include from 1 monitoring point to hundreds of points which can be integrated in dedicated controllers for this purpose where the concentrations and alarms can be reported. These fixed systems can integrate transmitters and sensors of different types and with different measurement principles, all connected to a controller or central unit where the signal of each measurement point arrives, in this way the alarms are in real time and the presence of some unwanted gas is alerted. Likewise these controllers allow the connection of signals to other centralized control systems or elements such as PLC, also by means of relays they allow to generate a specific action when there is a special concentration condition of the target gas.

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Producer: ION

Set to change the game in refinery application, Titan is the first truly selective benzene monitor on the market. 

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Producer: ION

Falco is the latest generation of fixed VOC detectors that continuously detect a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using patented photoionisation detection (PID) technology.

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Producer: GFG

Fixed gas sensor for Ammonia monitoring ideal for the detection of this compound in cooling systems through its technology of Injection Carrier Charge giving a longer life and resistance to the exposure...

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Producer: GFG

Fixed gas sensor for oxygen monitoring with fast response and high durability up to 5 years of the sensor. A low-cost solution for oxygen deficiency responses immediately warning of a low oxygen level....

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Producer: GFG

Fixed gas sensor for monitoring toxic gases such as Ammonia (NH3), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) among others. great durability up to 5 years of the sensor. A low cost and easy installation...

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Producer: GFG

Fixed gas sensor for monitoring toxic gases, vapors and highly sensitive fuels. its Chemisorption technology with fast response and long sensor life makes it a practical solution for monitoring compounds...

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Producer: GFG

The CC 22 works according to the heat of reaction principle, a proven method for measuring combustible gases. The transmitters are fitted with high-performance electronics for voltage stabilization, processing...

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Producer: GFG

The EC 22 Series Transmitters are innovative and cost-effective transmitters for the detection of non-combustible toxic gases or oxygen (O2) levels, but without the need for explosion protection.

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