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Monitoring system for on-line and continuous analysis of up to 88 compounds known as ozone precursors listed in US EPA PAMS 56, TO14 and TO15 environmental guidelines with high precision using gas chromatography techniques using the FID detection principle. Ideal for monitoring ozone precursors, analysis and modeling of tropospheric ozone, environmental research, environmental monitoring among others:

  • Fully automated modular system for detection of up to 88 compounds by combining two analysis modules using the FID principle to have continuous analysis in the field at ppb levels:
    • Use of gas chromatography with FID principle for C2-C6 monitoring (AirmoVOC C2-C6)
    • Use of gas chromatography with FID principle for monitoring of C6-C12 (AirmoVOC C6-C12)
    • Measurement of various compounds including those established in PAMS, TO14 and TO15
    • Generator of hydrogen gas and zero air generator
  • Automatic calibration using permeation tubes in compliance with ISO 17025 for Benzene
  • Fast and accurate monitoring with a cycle of analysis of less than 30 minutes for the 88 compounds, in ranges of even ppb or ppt
  • 19 "modular rack with instruments installed for unattended monitoring in the field without the need to send samples to laboratory or technical personnel present
  • Automatic and remote data transmission, mouse operation and keyboard integrated in the rack
  • Integrated computer with screen for data visualization, instrument configuration and parameters such as retention time, chromatogram area, mass profiles and / or concentration
  • VistaCHROM dedicated software in Windows-based internal computing hardware to record and view data, perform calculations, recalculate with obtained data, calibrate, export information and measurement configuration
  • Analog outputs 4-20 mA (Optional), modBus digital output and JBUS or MGS1 communication protocols (optional)
  • AC 115 V power supply

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