Respiratory Protection

One of the elements that has become vital for our protection against COVID19 its respiratory protection using certified or surgical masks that protects us, as well as protect other people to be expose to possible bioaerosols exhalate when we are breathing. The respiratory protection elements provide a barrier between environment and our breathing zone for avoid possible virus particles get inside our breathing system infecting us. The surgical mask is design for avoid we become source of possible virus bioaerosols and the layers are from materials that avoid liquids and biological particles get to the environment, however this type of mask don’t offer any type of protection of breathing virus particles. By the other hand certified respirators by agencies such as NIOSH or other certification entities give a rating of the respirator such as N95 for NIOSH or KN95 for Chinese certification protocol where filter efficiency its tested for allow only 5% of environment particles in our breathing zone. This type of respirators offers effective protection from breathing virus particles and are more recommended for people that are in contact with COVID19 positive cases.

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Producer: Disposable Mask

Disposable mask for avoid contamination of environment with bioaerosols produce by our breathing, with 3-layer protection tested against liquids, biological filtering and particulates.

Producer: KN95

Certified respirator KN95 with 95% filter efficiency for protection against particles including virus entering breathing zone.

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