Wildfire Detection

Wildfires are one of the biggest concerns today of the countries, governments and the population in general. These fires are a threat to the care of natural resources and forest reserves in the world. Per year, entire hectares of ecosystems are destroyed by fires, whether caused naturally or by human actions. The early detection of forest fires has become a vital tool to preserve green areas and ensure that these fires will not spread, making it easier to eradicate them. With new technologies for detection of wildfires smaller than 2 m2 in area allow goverments and agencies to detect wildfires in a early stage saving money and time when facing this threat in their territories.

With new technologies for wildfire detection that involves a Dual Thermal Camera with monitoring hardware as well as a monitoring center software its possible to identify, analyze and alert whenever it’s a wildfire or not. The patented technology of geolocation allows with a topology map measure the distance between sensor and wildfire giving an exact location of the fire source in a radious of 5 km with a precision of a 2 m2 fire. Detection its automatic and it’s the sensor its searching for wildfire each 10 minutes operating 24/7 allowing a real management of risk regarding wildfire threats.

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