Nanobubble Generator

The growth of the population and the industrialization of humanity have made the pollution of our natural resources have increased in alarming proportions. One of the most valuable resources that is being affected by man's unconsciousness has been the water sources. Water is a fundamental element for our survival and is the basis of life on our planet. This concern and the increasing death of bodies of water around the world have led to the search for technologies for the decontamination and reestablishment of water sources.

NGB (Nanobubble Generator) it’s a new and innovative technologies that uses the last advances of nanotechologies for produce oxygen nanobubbles according to standar ISO/TC-281. The contamination of rivers with different wastes from cities and human settlements produce that in rivers, lakes and other water sources have high concentration of nitrites and nitrates causing acceleration of biological activity that consumes oxygen producing that each day the water body has less oxygen and begin “Dying”. With Nanobubbles its possible to reestablish again the oxygen leves of a water body making it recovery is properties and making possible again having normal parameters and even bringing again life forms such as fiches, seaweed, and other organisms. The nanobubbles given their physical properties can last in the water for months without rising to the surface, keeping the oxygen produced much longer in the water and thus improving the concentration of dissolved oxygen.

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