LFS 113

Category: Sampling Pumps
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The LFS-113 is a compact low flow air sampling pump. Designed for flow rates between 1 cc/min and 350 cc/min, the LFS-113 is perfect for very low flow applications sampling with sorbent tubes. Compact size and light weight of this pump allow it to easily fit inside a shirt pocket.

The LFS-113 boasts these features:

Dual Mode Automatic Constant Flow or Constant Pressure Control
Multi-flow Capacity
Compact Size & Lightweight

  • Flow Fault Indicator Light
  • Clock Model with Elapsed Time Display
  • Battery Check LED

Compact, Low Flow Air Sampling Pump LFS-113


The Gilian LFS-113 low flow sampler is the most powerful and reliable pocket sized personal air sampler available today. The LFS?113 offers two sampling modes selectable by the user. The constant flow control mode holds the flow within ±5% of the set flow while the multi-flow (constant pressure control) mode allows multiple samples to be taken simultaneously. No other pocket-sized pump matches the wide flow range and high back-pressure capability of the LFS-113. 

Basic and clock models are available in both US and Global versions. Global versions are now available with a memory-free NiMH battery.



US Version UL-US NiCd Battery
Global Version CSA, C-US, ATEX NiMH Battery



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